Indonesian Dinner – Rice table

//Indonesian Dinner – Rice table

Indonesian Dinner – Rice table

Compliment your cruise with a delicious Indonesian buffet style dinner. Dutch settlers in the East Indies created the banquet-style “rice table.” Comprising from 10 to 30 small dishes, with a profusion of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes varying in flavour from coconut-milk sweetness to peppery hot, Rijsttafel is a great introduction to Indonesian cuisine.  Our Rijstafel is prepared by Restaurant Kantjil & De Tijger , the most famous Indonesian restaurant well known for its refined character and consistently good food.

Rice Table Kantjil


  • Nasi Putih : steamed white  rice
  • Sajoerian Harian : Daily vegetable special
  • Rendang : Beef in spicy coconut sauce, with plenty of fresh herbs
  • Saté Babi : Sate, marinated grilled pork with peanutsauce
  • Sate ajam : Sate, marinated grilled chicken filet with peanutsauce
  • Ajam Ritja : Chicken in spicy sauce
  • Sajoer Lodeh : Vegetables boiled in a coconut boullion with herbs
  • Tahu Telor : Omelet with tahu, tauge, and vegetable
  • Kredok : Raw salad with ginger, corn, coleslaw, cucumber,  peanutsauce and emping chips
  • Atjar Ketimoen : Fresh pickled cucumber
  • S.G. Telor : boiled eggs in a spicy sauce
  • S.G. Kentang : Spicy Java potato chips
  • Seroendeng : Roasted peanut en coconut condiment
  • Kroepoek : Shrimp crackers
  • Sambal : Spicy indonesian chutney

Buffet price: € 35,- per person with a minimum of 12 persons

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